The Beckley Art Center is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization. Our twofold mission is to

  • stimulate interest in the arts within the community and
  • encourage development of artistic talent within the group and the community


In order to realize our mission, we will foster arts and culture and cultivate a creative community.  This vision led us to develop our programming around three themes:

  • Share - we will provide our members and members of the community with the opportunity to share their art throughout the community and to share in the artistic endeavors of others
  • Learn - we will offer workshops and classes where members and members of the community are able to enhance and expand their creative skills and talents
  • Explore - we will provide opportunities and events where members and members of the community can meet with other like-minded people in exploring new artistic and creative adventures


Joanie Newman - Gallery Director

Board of Directors

  • Ron Bailey, President
  • Mary Calvert, Treasurer
  • Anna Gray, Secretary
  • Peggy Debnam, At-large member (Outgoing Vice-President) & Volunteer Coordination Committee Chair
  • Willa "Dee Dee" Ellison, At-large member
  • Tonya Washington, At-large member & Membership Committee Chair
  • Linda Treadway, At-large member & Community Arts Committee Chair
  • Susan Hambric, At-large member & Fundraising Chair
  • Robert Dunlap, At-large member & Major Donor Development Chair
  • Christine Kinder, At-large member & Exhibits Committee Co-Chair
  • Robby Moore, At-large member & Exhibits Committee Co-Chair