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Painting and Drawing for Liars, Cutthroats and Cheapskates: Operator, Get Me Art

  • Beckley Art Center 600 Johnstown Road Beckley, WV 25801 (map)

Art courses designed for anyone with a great love of art but a great deficit or respect for authority, join instructor Patrick Facemire in learning about the mechanics, techniques and the history of art, while also learning to create art that is imbued with meaning. Students will have their pick of lessons throughout the month of August. Some lessons will be straight-forward art courses; others will be lectures and demonstrations on art-historical and theoretical topics. Classes will be taught in an irresponsibly related and laid-back manner, and will probably involve a lot of shouting and the occasional show-tune. Music will be played, and there may be milk and cookies. Any artist of any skill level is welcome to join us for each hour-long class as we stumble and shove our way through the world of art.

Classes will be on a "pay as you go" basis at $10 per class. Any person of any age or skill level is welcome to attend. Necessary supplies will be listed for each class; some supplementary supplies will be provided.

This is NOT a Drop In Class; registration is required by calling 304-253-9226.

AUGUST 15: Operator, Get Me Art

The Instructor has painted a picture, and it's your job to copy it. But you have to do it in five minutes. We then pass it on to the next person to copy, and on around the room, while the Instructor gives a lecture on how everyone in Art History is a rip-off artist. We'll review the results at the end of the course.

NEEDED SUPPLIES: Paints (watercolor, oils, acrylics, tempera, or soft pastels) and a surface (at least 9x12 inches) to paint on (canvas, wood panel, cardboard, canvas paper, etc.)


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